Official Page Guidelines

The purpose and mission of our social media pages, including Facebook, is to promote the sport of Airsoft and foster constructive discourse in an environment that is fun and safe. We welcome and encourage diversity among people, players, companies, and opinions. In keeping with this mission, we reserve the right to remove any post(s) which at our sole discretion are offensive or otherwise counterintuitive to our stated mission. Laser-Dot Airsoft and our affiliated companies take no positions in any political, geo-political, or current events. Our singular focus is to strengthen the Airsoft industry and the communities we serve so that all who may be interested in our great sport can partake in its enjoyment regardless of their age, orientation, creed, beliefs, or nationality. We believe that Airsoft remains a game and to this end we ask that you observe these simple rules:

1) Refrain from posting any overtly political, discriminatory, offensive, or controversial messages.
2) Treat your fellow players with respect; settle disputes on the playfield in good sportsmanship, not here.
3) Anyone posting spam will have their posts deleted and will be blocked from this page.

Your cooperation in helping to make our page vibrant, informative, and joyful to use is very much appreciated

The Laser-Dot Airsoft team