The inherently seamless spherical nature and high-polish surface of our airsoft BB’s reduce overall friction. Achieving ultimate performance capabilities of high-quality airsoft BB’s requires reducing to a minimum the levels friction, without losing in-barrel shot pressure.

To achieve the perfect balance, each of our airsoft BB’s is calibrated to high levels of precision and polished to obtain the best possible surface finish. The resulting product reduces to a minimum both in-barrel friction and airborne drag. Due to the gap between the barrel and the BB surface is highly precise and reliable; the overall decrease of friction level does not result in loss of shot pressure. Instead, it maximizes it.

Another benefit of exact calibration and surface polishing is the reduction of airborne drag, which further increases shot reliability, range and velocity. Less overall friction also means a reduction of BB material residue in the shooting equipment. The reduction of material residue is extremely important as it reduces the risk of damaging and jamming your high quality airsoft equipment.

The end result is reliable airsoft BB’s with maximum shot velocity and effective flight range capabilities.