Laser-dot’s high-end range of airsoft BB’s are manufactured to achieve ultimate performance. Each of our BB’s are the result of experienced technicians using advanced production techniques, the best raw materials, and a conscious effort to produce the highest possible quality of airsoft BB.

Our airsoft BB product line begins with your choice of standard, biodegradable, or phosphorescent material and the following characteristics inherent in each:

Homogeneous microstructure:
The homogeneous distribution of mass within each ball enhances the centrifugal spin in rifled barrels, increasing the stability of flight patterns. This translates into increased downrange accuracy. It also reduces the risk of ball fragmentation, which creates a safer product.

Precise weight calibration:
Utilizing materials of the highest quality allow for tight weight calibration within each unique gram weight. The uniformity of weight within each BB is important to achieve consistent flight velocities and range. Players can then precisely match the best airsoft BB to their unique BB application, whether it’s for sniper or fully automatic fire, thus achieving the best possible performance.

The best materials are then used through advanced production techniques to obtain airsoft BB’s that adhere to highly demanding product specifications. This carefully enforced process enables:

Inherently seamless spherical design:
A precise spherical shape and smooth surface, without seams, is a must in the production of any type of high quality airsoft BB product. Without it, a BB cannot provide high performance capabilities.

Consistent and tight diameter tolerances:
The diameter of each of our airsoft BB’s are calibrated to high levels of precision, ensuring proper spacing between the BB’s surface and the barrel diameter of the highest quality airsoft guns. The consistent and correct sizing of each BB provides for a well-balanced relation between barrel friction and pressure loss in each shot. Minimized barrel friction results in the reduction of BB material residue in the airsoft gun, increasing their durability and accuracy. Maximized in-barrel pressure also increases the range and velocity of every shot.

Highly polished ball surface:
In addition to the precise spherical shape and homogeneous microstructure of our airsoft BB’s, the highly polished surface finish gives our LASER-DOT BB’s reduced airborne friction and drag for maximum effective flight range. The highly polished surface also maximizes the balance between low barrel friction and high shot pressure, further increasing the reliability of shot range and velocity.

Reduced surface waviness:
The surface uniformity of our airsoft BB’s result in a reduction of the balls surface waviness. The reduction of surface waviness minimizes the effect of in-flight drag currents and pressure variables, allowing for more predictable trajectories. The end result is the highest possible quality of BB with the ultimate performance capabilities.