More than a hobby. A lifestyle.

Laser-Dot Airsoft BBs.

Laser-Dot Airsoft BBs. More than a hobby. A lifestyle.

Laser-dot’s high-end range of airsoft BB’s are manufactured to achieve ultimate performance. Each of our BB’s are the result of experienced technicians using advanced production techniques, the best raw materials, and a conscious effort to produce the highest possible quality of airsoft BB.

High quality materials and homogenous microstructure

Precise manufacturing specifications ensure consistent diameter tolerance and calibration for tighter shot grouping patterns.

Advanced production techniques feature inherently seamless sphere design and a highly polished surface to reduce in-barrel friction and airborne drag for maximum shot pressure and effective range.

Reduced surface wavin

  • Homogeneous microstructure

    The homogeneous distribution of mass within each ball enhances the centrifugal spin in rifled barrels, increasing the stability of flight patterns.  This translates into increased downrange accuracy.  It also reduces the risk of ball fragmentation, which creates a safer product.

  • Precise weight calibration

    Utilizing materials of the highest quality allow for tight weight calibration within each unique gram weight. The uniformity of weight within each BB is important to achieve consistent flight velocities and range.

  • Inherently seamless spherical design

    A precise spherical shape and smooth surface, without seams, is a must in the production of any type of high quality airsoft BB product.  Without it, a BB cannot provide high performance capabilities.