Are you ready?

These zombie slaying rounds are perfect; seamless, precision ground, and highly polished.  So when you’re standing in line at the grocery store with your basket of milk and bread and the person behind you starts making guttural sounds, turn and face them with confidence!  If you see green teeth, a wicked smile, and yellow eyes… you know what to do, and so will your BBs.

Our BBs have the smoothest surface in the industry, and for good reason.  We know amusement parks are big places, and not always all fun and games.  When you’re twenty meters from the Ferris wheel and you notice that the group of people surrounding it aren’t just walking with a limp, but dragging an entire leg, rest assured that your BBs will make it there, and quickly.

When firing, have you ever noticed your BB veering off course at sharp curving angles?  That’s due to friction; one hemisphere of the BB had higher drag coefficients than the other.  Don’t make the fatal mistake of buying subpar BBs.  You need Zombie Apocalypse Survival BBs from LASER-DOT if you want to be the last one standing.